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Baselime gives you the tools to debug and troubleshoot your serverless applications faster.

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Real time alerts

Discover bugs
before your users

You don't have to be the last one to know about defects in production. Be pro-active about observability. Set-up alerts as code before pushing to production.


defects faster

Stop wasting your time sifting through log lines using regular expressions. Instead, slice and dice your telemetry data with arbitrary queries on any nested field, tie together your logs and your traces and spot trends in your metrics.

Get answers

Tame your
serverless stack

Ask yours systems questions, understand how your users experience your distributed serverless applications and fix your most intricate defects.

OTel, X-Ray, Logs, Metrics, etc.

Correlate all the operational telemetry data your serverless stack emits; logs, metrics, traces, CloudTrail events, all in one place.

Configure Observability as Code

Generate observability resources dynamically, and unlock DevOps workflows impossible with other providers.

Spot trends at the speed of light

Find distributed traces that look odd, and surface degraded performance and trends in seconds.

Find and fix defects

Use the trace explorer to identify defects, view the correlated logs and metrics, and get to the root cause faster.

Deploy on Fridays with confidence

Seriously, deploy on any day at any time, knowing you're always a few steps ahead.

tail -f | jq anything

Get the live tail of all your telemetry data (logs, metrics, traces, etc.) in your terminal, for prod and dev environments.

Receive alerts before your users notice

Define alerts on things you care about: custom metrics derived from your logs, metrics and traces.

Run arbitrary queries

Every field in your telemetry data, including super high cardinality ones, are indexed for arbitraty queries.

Measure the impact of your code changes

Implement o11y within your CI/CD pipelines and automatically spot degraded performance after deployments.

Drill down with interactive visualisations

Observability without action is storage. Start acting on your telemetry data with highly interactive visualisations.


Speak our language

Discover the Observability Reference Language (ORL) and start writing your Observability as Code
ORL Query


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By switching to OaC, observability and application code live in the same place so we can assess observability coverage faster.

It also facilitates creating queries and alerts when developing features, observability is not treated as a secondary step that happens "eventually".

Alejandro Inestal
Head of Engineering | Hometree

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